Life everlasting~An herb that slows the ravages of aging!

Other common names- Everlast, Helichrysum, Curry Plant, Imphepho, Kooigoed and Yellow Chaste Weed.

Latin Helichrysum spp.

Parts used- Leaf and Flower

Constituents- Sesquiterpenoids, Flavanoids, Diketones, Asarone and Essential Oils.

Properties- Anti-Inflammatory (Reduces inflammation), Anti-Allergenic (Prevents allergies), Anti-Aging (Slows aging), Diuretic (Increased urination), Sedative (Relaxes the body and mind), Oneirogen (Increases dreaming) and mild Astringent (Causes the contraction of body tissues).

Uses-Internally can be used as a tea, tincture, or essential oil for inflammatory conditions, minor digestive complaints, gall bladder disorders, water retention, rheumatism, cystitis and ulcers. Externally a tea or essential oil is used for its wound healing and anti-aging properties. Helichysum species are also known to effectively induce vivid dreams.

Cautions: Should not be taken during pregnancy or lactation. Otherwise there are no contraindications when used properly.

Bright and full of life, Helichrysum shines likes the sun! There are over 600 different species spread across the whole of the world. Relative of the sunflower in the Asteracea family this herb makes for an excellent addition to tea blends or alone for its various medicinal applications. It is said that the Immortelle flower fights the ravaging of aging, making ones skin soft and supple. Since it has astringent qualities it can also be used for reducing the sagginess of skin. Its therapeutic constituents encourage new skin cell growth making it great for wrinkles, blemishes, acne, age spots, dermatitis, boils, psoriasis and many other skin conditions. It is also commonly used in treating coughs, colds and headaches. As far as its oneirogenic affect, it is often used as a visionary herb for lucid dreaming, either smoked in combination with tobacco, other herbal smoking mixtures or as a pleasant bedtime tea. Among other applications it is used as sweet scented relaxing meditative incense. Many use the incense for ceremonies, initiations and deep dream work.

Steep 1-2 tsp of flowers in 2 cups water for 5-8 minutes. Drink tea as needed for desired purpose (You can also apply the tea on your skin for its regenerative effect.) Drink tea 1 half hour before for its dream inducing qualities.

Written By Aaron Weis

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Dream Well, Live Better!

Aaron @Dream Catcher Botanicals


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